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We met in person for the first time in 2010, when Misti came to visit me. During that trip, we went to the St. Louis Mills mall. There, a funny incident occurred.

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Misti Misty and I have the same Samsung cell phone.

At least, I think that's the same one as mine. Mine's a x427m. How 'bout you?
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We both like coconut lime stuff.

Misti: haha, the muppets are singing Lime in the Coconut
Misty: heh
Misty: .... i just bought coconut lime body spray at walmart today
Misti: i love coconut lime stuff
Misti: ADD IT TO M_M!!!
Misty: ok
Misti: you ever notice how that looks like a lady with really long eyelashes?
Misty: IT DOES!

Misty's Coconut Lime body spray:

Misti's Coconut Lime body wash:
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Both of our cells are in the top 10 at ColorCell.


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We both loved the show Dinosaurs when we were younger!

IMDB site:


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We both loved this:

And we both like these:

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