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"Crazy" Twin Time

(not really)

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Name:"Crazy" Twin Time
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To chronicle the ever-growing discovery of similarities between Misti and Misty. New items added to the interests as we discover more similarities.

"Does this pack of condoms come with a free puppy?"
- Misti, 8-7-2005

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100x100 icons, celtic music, cheesecake, coconut lime stuff, color cell, dinosaurs (the tv show), disney movies, eye masks, hive minds, homestar runner, hugger mugger, huggermugger, king's hawaiian bread, kittens, lemons, lists, mentally composing lj entries, misti, misty, nonconfrontational, ope, pepsi blue, potentially embarrassing musical tastes, practical magic, scrabble, similarities, twins, women's studies, writing
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