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Almost forgot to post this. Thank goodness I had it saved to my desktop, or it might have gotten lost to the voids of my mom's computer!

I think</> this convo was on July 6th. That's the date listed in the properties of the file.

Misti: do you think I have a tumour?!
Misty: 1. what's with the british spelling?
Misty: addendum to #1: "out of nowhere"
Misti: it was british? I just thought that was how it was spelled?
Misty: i thought the american way of spelling it was TUMOR
Misty: *could be very, very wrong*
Misty: Main Entry: tu·mor Variant: or chiefly British tu·mour /'t(y)ü-m&r/
Function: noun: an abnormal benign or malignant mass of tissue that is not inflammatory, arises without obvious cause from cells of preexistent tissue, and possesses no physiological function —compare CANCER 1, CARCINOMA, SARCOMA —tu·mor·like /-"lIk/ adjective
Misti: i just started noticing them when i noticed the other stuff
Misti: weird. i'm secretly british
Misty: lol
Misty: or chiefly british
Misti: it took me a long time to get that
Misti: haha, i'm slow right now for some reason
Misty: i think we all are tonight
Misty: are we sharing it?
Misti: cue Ahnold: It's not a too-mah
Misty: i hate to break it to you, but that's one thing i'd rather we didn't have in common
Misty: LOL
Misti: we share lots of other stuff, why not this?
Misti: haha!
Misti: i'd be inclined to agree, were the tables turned
Misti: man, i've been trying to throw some more british spellings in here, but the words just aren't coming to me
Misti: except for colour and neigbour
Misti: neighbour that is
Misty: just add in some superfluous u's
Misty: there are a lot of them in superfluous
Misti: i think the amount of us in superfluous is superfluous
Misti: I'll just start adding a u after each non u vowel
Misty: yes
Misti: i mean
Misty: uh ouh
Misti: iull just staurt auddiung au u aufteur euauch noun u vouweul
Misti: that was really hard!!
Misty: Miustiu-Miustyu launguaugeu
Misty: sou waus thaut
Misti: omg language is so funnnnnnny!!!!!
Misty: yeuauh
Misti: iu couuldn't euveun keueup iut up
Misti: but nouw ium bauck aut iut
Misty: thius haus tou beu pousteud iun theu coummuniutyu
Misti: yeus ouf couurseu
Misti: iut's beust wheun youu hauveu tou audd au u wheureu theureu waus aulreuaudyu gouiung tou beu au u
Misty: yeah
Misty: eurr yeuauh
Misti: tks
Misti: heueu heueu
Misty: loul
Misti: ouh maun iu hauveu au teurriubleu urgeu tou speull lauuauu
Misty: youu speulleud iut wroung!
Misti: ouh, thaut's nout aus fun aus iu thouught iut wouuld beu
Misty: wroung! that looks EXTREMELY british
Misti: ouh, thaut's whaut hauppeuneud theun
Misti: youu speull iut
Misty: luauu
Misty: luau = luauu
Misti: ouh wouw, iu waus sou ouff
Misti: ok, i'm done hurting my brain
Misti: with all the extra us
Misty: but youurs lououkeud funniueur
Misty: me too
Misti: but yes, wroung is awesome!
Misty: it does hurt
Misti: omg, lououkeud
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