Jul. 8th, 2005

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Created by [livejournal.com profile] mistyf2003 and [livejournal.com profile] neurotica0

1. What's your best friend's maiden name?
2. What was/is your high school mascot?
3. If you have a cell phone, who is your provider?
4. Make up a nickname for your 4th grade teacher.
5. How many pairs of socks do you own?
6. What color is the thing that is touching your left foot at this moment?
7. Name three four-letter words that start with the second letter of your last name.
8. When was the last time you really washed behind your ears?
9. Have you ever slow-danced with a chaperone at a school dance?
10. What was the last thing you ate, even though you dropped it on the floor?
11. What is the strangest thing in your wallet?
12. Which keys, if any, are rubbed off on your keyboard?
14. How many times in the last hour have you gone to the bathroom?
15. Do you know the real story of your conception?
16. What popular vacation place would you HATE to visit?
17. How many pennies do you think you could fit in your mouth at one time?
18. Have you ever tried to catch a lizard by the tail, only to have the tail break off in your hand?
19. What's your favorite urban legend?
20. How many magnets are on your refrigerator?
21. What was the last thing you illegally downloaded?
22. What's your funniest story involving a squirrel?
23. How many pieces of spam email are in your inbox?
24. Have you ever been fingerprinted?
25. Has one of your family members ever divorced a person and then married that person's parent?


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